Poem ‘Conflict’



I am not afraid of you anymore!

You are better than I thought about you before.


I know what you mean!

You are not about nothing or everything.


Is simpler than it appears,

I just have to be present and clear.

In conflict,

Don’t say what you don’t think, don’t say what you don’t feel,

But say what you think and say what you feel.

In conflict,

Don’t blame, don’t criticize, don’t hurt,

But listen, respect, and support.

In conflict,

Don’t say who is bad; don’t say who is good,

But rather how you both contribute.

In conflict

You have a choice, you have a voice

That no one can take from you.


I am waiting for you

To practice, to grow, and learn more about you.

– Olga Africawala, December 2010

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