About us

My name is Olga Africawala. Since I obtained my Master of Arts degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from Golden Gate University in 2010, I have continued to practice my conflict resolution skills, successfully repairing damaged relationships and finding new ways to develop and maintain new relationships in both my personal and professional life. I’ve also helped my friends, colleagues and now several of my clients gain valuable skills to help them understand themselves better, allowing them to better express their frustrations or dissatisfaction with family, friends and significant others, leading to improved relationships. As a Mediator and Conflict Coach at Community Boards, I’ve been serving San Francisco residents and as a Role-Play Coach, I’ve taken an active part coaching and training new mediators for a year now.

My other credentials are:

Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Golden Gate University (2016), 240 hours

Conflict Coaching 101 Certificate, Community Boards (2016), 12 hours

Intermediate Conflict Coaching Certificate, Community Boards (2017), 6 hours

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Certificate, Community Boards, SEEDS (2016), 40 hours

The Basics of Mediation Certificate, Community Boards (2016), 40 hours.