“Olga’s ability to connect on a human level helped me get a better awareness of my challenges as well as the opportunities that abound. Olga has earned my deep-seated trust, and I have faith that her coaching and guidance will continue to help me get results.”
– T S


“Olga is an exceptional coach and has the ability to present complicated ideas clearly with real life examples. I leave each of our meetings feeling motivated and with a sense of tranquility as we often work on topics/areas where I need help and am reluctant to seek it. I would highly recommend working with her if you’re looking for any sort of resolution or personal improvement. “
– J P M


“Thanks to Olga I have realized a certain part of me I wouldn’t ever have. For the past 6 months, I have always reached out to her for advice and opinions on tricky situations I have been going through. She is great to consult with, very empathetic, and suggests bright strategic communication solutions. In terms of my social and work life, she definitely changed my way of thinking for the better.”
– N D


“My first visit with Olga was great! She is an active listener and brings out helpful questions that would generate variety of solutions to a problem that I had. She shared several communication tips, used different methods to help me gain more understanding of my problems, and made me so comfortable that I spoke my mind without any second thoughts. Can’t wait for my next appointment! Thank you so much, Olga!”
– S L


“Over the past three years, my team and I have had the benefit of the very insightful guidance of Olga Africawala. She has provided helpful advice for each individual and for our group as a whole. Olga has the ability to see difficult situations clearly and objectively and has assisted us in arriving at solutions that are fair to all involved. Her intelligent conflict resolution expertise and good humor continue to steer our growth and development as we navigate the challenges of our diverse environment. I am happy to give Olga my highest recommendation.”
– Teresa D


“Olga is a very intuitive professional who has a great ability to quickly understand your situation. During our Conflict Coaching session, she has been very positive and motivating and uses tools that are effective in understanding myself and how to approach my particular situation.”
– A Y


“Olga was very pleasant to work with. She explained to me the difference between a coach and a therapist. She listened to my problems well. I certainly learned more about myself. I highly recommended Olga.”
– C C