What we do

Conflicts are inevitable in our lives and how we handle them is influenced by our personalities, childhood upbringing, life experiences, and other factors. When conflicts are mishandled, they often result in broken relationships, unpleasant feelings, tension or distrust between the individuals involved.

Please consider contacting me

  • if you think you are challenged when you face conflict;
  • if you would like to explore your behavior in more detail;
  • if you would like to learn how constructive conflict engagement looks like;
  • if you would like to gain more confidence and become more empowered;
  • if you would like to learn how to say the hard truths while preserving your relationships;
  • if you would like to enhance your communication and negotiation skills.

I would be glad to be of assistance to you.

I am interested in working with adults, older teenagers, couples, partners, friends or family members who would like to work on their current issues.

The introductory 45-minute consultation is free and can be done in-person or over the phone, or via Skype. Ideally, we will meet in some stress-free place where there is no emotional connection to any of your old memories.


  • One-on-One Coaching: Conflict Coaching, Communication Coaching, Divorce & Breakup Coaching, Dating Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching

My philosophy is that people are resourceful, self-sufficient, and have answers to their own questions. My main goal is to help them find those answers. In my view, therapy and counseling are past-oriented while coaching is future-oriented and involves out-of-the-box thinking and creative decision-making. Coaching is a fun, insightful and inspirational process which invites parties to work and play towards positive outcomes.

In order for you to make lasting changes and better understand your communication and  behavior, I encourage you to consider 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions with me before mediation or discussion facilitation. It is helpful to have some time between sessions to process things. I might also suggest some assignments for you before our joint meeting.

  • Mediation and Facilitation for Two or More Parties: Family Mediation, Couple Mediation, Intermediation, Discussion Facilitation

I guide and facilitate the dialogue between parties,  listen to what was said (as well as to what wasn’t) and reflect back that information to you to ensure full understanding. I can also help clarify confusion, identify assumptions and assist with crafting mutually-acceptable, lasting and durable resolutions.

If you consider mediation, please know that it usually lasts 2-3 hours. In the beginning, each of you will share your challenges with me, speaking one at a time. I will clarify and summarize each of your values, interests, needs, and feelings. Then, both of you will speak directly to each other about your challenges. I will interrupt you if I find unhealthy or unhelpful communication patterns in your dialogue. Finally, if you are open, ready and interested, we can work on creating agreements between parties.

  • Consulting: Conflict Resolution Consulting, Communication Consulting, Presentation Skills Consulting

After I conduct initial assessments, I offer simple and easy-to-implement techniques to enhance your conflict resolution, communication and presentation skills. I analyze conflict-resolution patterns and styles, help others set healthy boundaries and create vision for respectful and enjoyable relationships with other people.

  • Presentations and Workshops for Workplaces and Networking Events

I can design a simple, fun, interactive, practical, and memorable customized presentation or workshop for small to mid-size groups based on your unique interests and needs. My past presentation and workshop topics included: Understanding The Nature of Conflict; Definition and Key Elements of Conflict; Family Conflict Systems; Conflict Management Styles; Positions vs. Needs; Feelings vs. Faux Feelings; Four Levels of Conflict Resolution; Effective Communication Skills in Conflict; and Conducting Conflict Conversations.

Please fill out the contact form on our website if you have any questions.

I look forward to working with you.