Q1: Why do I need a Conflict Coach?

A1: As a highly educated, skilled and trained professional in psychology, conflict resolution and communications, your Conflict Coach can help you find your blind spots and habitual behavior patterns that hold you back, model successful behaviors in difficult disputes, choose best strategies for your unique situation and life circumstances, equip you with communication tips, examine and better understand needs and actions of those who you are in conflict with, clearly see and understand your own actions and the impact on others in a space free from judgments, comparisons or interruptions.

Q2: If I decide to continue working with Conflict Coach after our initial session, how often will we need to meet?

A2: Usually once every two to three weeks is sufficient, given that you spend at least 15 minutes a day on average practicing your newly learned skills by written or verbal communication with others, completing self-reflective exercises, or doing some reading.

Q3: Can my Conflict Coach give me any guarantee that there will be substantial improvement in my conflict resolution skills?

A3: Any change comes from within you. So, your success depends on you only. While your Conflict Coach can be your partner in your journey to success, you’ll need to do most of the heaving lifting.

Q4: What do Conflict Coaching sessions look like?

A4: Most of our sessions will have structured as well as unstructured elements such as: some theoretical material, actual coaching, brief activities to boost creativity and invite novelty, review of your work towards your goals in between sessions, setting goals for the next session, and gathering your feedback for Conflict Coach to improve future sessions.