“Gratitude Is The Best Attitude” (author unknown)


Hello! This is my first blog post! I appreciate your checking it out.

Recently, on July 4th, Independence Day (it couldn’t have been just any day, right?), I made a new resolution to blog once a week.  My main goal is to share my knowledge, skills, strategies, resources, and professional experiences with all of you who are interested in enhancing your Harmonious Resolutions skills. 🙂

While I am immensely grateful to every person who I’ve met in my life and for every lesson I’ve learned, I would like to mention two particular people I was lucky to meet during my Master’s program at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.  Thank you to my two dear gurus, Mr. Dan Clurman and Mr. John Ford, whose involvement changed my life for the better and whose contributions significantly shaped my personal and professional identity.  I have been profoundly influenced by Dan’s philosophy of communication, his impactful teachings and his brilliant coaching.  John’s intuitive genius, along with his vast knowledge and experiences in conflict resolution has also had an impact on me. Those two have influenced me so much that I see myself as a hybrid of their effects on me in my role as a coach and mediator.

I might not have found my life mission, nor would I have dared to pursue coaching, conflict resolution, and mediation had I never met them.  So, thank you once again for everything, Dan and John! If you are interested to learn more about these outstanding people, please check their LinkedIn profiles. Click here to review Dan’s LinkedIn profile and here to check out John’s.

I’d like to finish this post with one of John’s favorite phrases, which has become one of my favorites, too: “Gratitude is the best attitude”, and a few questions for you to reflect upon:

“What are you grateful for?”

“What are your sources of appreciation?”

“How do feelings of gratitude affect your attitude towards life and life events?”

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